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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
2. Cliques, Elites and Other French-Origin Words
I will be so bold as to risk being labelled a sonofabitch and blame Skype as one of the reasons behind this whole hullabaloo. Some users will remember that I was reluctant to join Skype and liked to pretend I was a gothic mysticist in the Knights Chat.

The reason was, I saw an esoteric club that had been formed between members of the forum. This is not an inherently bad idea, but when the club ends up bitching about each other, laughing at other members of the forum, devising ideas and being very sneaky in general, problems start happening.

I will also not deny that there is something of a cabal and at least a perceived thread of favouritism in the Skype cult. The best example I can give you is the controversial stickying of the Imperial appointments thread, which speaks for itself.

And as any expert of Skype Dramaz will tell you, there are groups within the Skype group, and individual friendships within these, many perniciously working against each other in some kind of weird festive pagan clockwork.

As much as I enjoy the company of some of the people I've met in Skype, I know it feels like some exclusive high school club of elites that all the nerds and dorks have to stay out of. And I can tell these nerds and dorks know this, and most probably don't like it.

Don't mean to drag Skype dramaz to the forum, but my point is: there is an undeniable closed group consisting of a sizeable number of forum veterans and regular members including a number of the Knights staff members.

What we are now going through is a stage of decay where distrust has bred throughout the forums and rather than as idle commentors, users take each other very seriously as human beings

Peace my brothers and sisters,
El Sabre
A most excellent point, Sabre. While Skype is most excellent fun, it is the home to LucasForums' behind-the-scenes action, where communication- and therefore manipulation- is possible on a whole new level.

I don't believe more openness from the staff would fix the forums (you guys are doing a most excellent job as it is), but I wonder why there is such a big commotion over the 'Ahto thread' (I assume regarding DI's Imperial Proclamations)? The election was fun, and His Majesty's ensuing reign, I take it, shall be filled with such messages as these. However, I suppose if you're name was not included it would have stung much more than have healed.

I conclude by posting that being generally more accepting and a tad bit nicer would be a great way to start healing.
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