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I'm rather new in these seas, and I had no idea members of used Skype. I was only recently asked to check it out, and it was no suprise that certain members communicated in such a way. Its is a list similar to the thread of the Who's Who of Skype exists outside of Lucasforums' rules and regulations; thus, it gives moderators and admins a place to talk about forum issues without restraint. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. Skype's contact list did mirror closely with the Imperial Proclamations, but I don't know if it happend by accident or on purpose.

One controversial aspect of Skype will come from it being an open forum, so non staff members and staff members can discuss how to punish a fellow forumite. Without breaking any of Lucasforums' rules. Its similar to an end run around the bigger bosses. I'm hopping my assumptioins are flawed; however, there is the possibility and opportunity for it to happen.

Kavar's, Kavar's, Kavar's - What to do. What to do? I'm glad that others are finally seeing what I've been saying. Kavar's is a problem. Do we close the forum down? There is a relationship between its existance and the negetivity in all LF forums; however, it doesn't mean that one is causing the other. There are so many variables on the table, and maybe its a combination of a clique, Kavar's existance, and how forumites feel about TOR. We haven't had any good Star Wars news for a few years, and I think turning Knights into a MMO may have helped trigger some anger. Combine all of these problems, and you have a hot pot boiling over. was built by SW game fans for SW game fans. There is a pretty good sized group of staffers and forumites clinging together, but I think this place was developed to be that way. I went back in time through the web archives, and I noticed Lucasforums originaly didn't have a large audience. Maybe its time to shift some rules and habits, so a larger audience can become more involved in a respectable manner. Its a complex issue.

The clique should involve everyone here; however, that is not the current state of the forums. Lucasforums needs to evolve with the audience.

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