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Originally Posted by Vaelastraz View Post
I agree with this. Didn't the economist Robert Malthus predict humanity's demise due to starvation, given that production of food is subject to diminishing returns? He was right about diminishing returns but failed to anticipate technological change.
Yes he did predict that. I just learned that in AP Enviro last week.

The tricky thing about global population of that it grows exponentially. New technology brings about ways to produce more food but increases in technology also brings about high population growth rates - we saw it during the Industrial Revolution and through the rise of agriculture. New medicine lowers death rates, prolonging lifespans.

@Tommycat: we don't need to worry about producing more food as we produce enough food to adequately feed the whole world - it is a problem of distribution.

I agree with DY. When it comes to overpopulation, it is mostly in developing countries. I know China's system of controlling population is a bit harsh but they have a decent idea that they just implemented wrong. They have a serious overpopulation problem, more than the rest of the world.

I think that at some point or another (sooner probably more than later) we will have a serious problem with overpopulation. It is hard to argue either way because there really is no one set limit at which the world is overpopulated. The more people on earth, the less resources there will be for each- it depends on the quality of life that we desire.


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