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The parking lot was only partially full, day shift was in full swing, and I sauntered past the cars and tethered animals. “Hey, Morg!” I looked up, seeing a cobalt blue gryphon, with a smiling blonde on it’s back. “What do you think of my new ride?”

“Sophie, you know you’re supposed to park that over at the helipad.”

She dropped in, the talons clawing at the tarmac as she jumped down. “Go on, Blue-boy.” The gryphon took off, headed for the helipad as he was supposed to. “I got permission from the chief to drop here. What’s this I hear about a new assignment?”

I sighed. “Yeah, the new Deputy Chief was upset that I was in SWAT. Said it was like having a thoroughbred horse hauling a wagon.” I snorted. “Not that he asked me. He’s going for commissioner in the next election.”

“But a special unit! You should be happy?”

“Sophie, I haven’t been happy since the Shift.”

Her face fell. “I’m sorry, Morg. I forgot what happened that day.”

I shrugged. “No biggie. Everyone lost something that day.” I looked up. “Not again.”

There was a picket line outside the main doors, and I almost turned around. These weren’t the usual haters with their MONSTERS GO HOME placards. These were cops. HUMANS, NOT MONSTERS one of the signs said.

Them again. The Union had tried to make the force all human right after the Shift. The force had a bad rep sometimes and seeing things in uniform afterward hadn’t helped. One of the sweetest guys I knew suddenly turned into a troll that night and while his disposition hadn’t changed, rights advocates screamed at having a troll in charge of lock up. So they forced him out.

The days and weeks following the Shift were hell for a lot of people. Men would wake up and find themselves married to Elves or demons and vice versa. The spousal murder rate went up 25%, especially when the people already had grievances. One man beat his wife to death when he awoke and saw an angel. Seemed he’d been cheating on her, and he thought it gave her miraculous powers to detect his deceit.

Those who had changed ran for cover, but in some neighborhoods, fought back. A kid who had been bullied turned into a were-bear as the bullies were beating him, leaving seven dead. That case had been close in court; was he guilty of murder, or was it self defense?

They made enclaves for their own defense, and where they gathered mobs of rioters followed. Though any mob with half a mind didn’t follow too close. A section just east of the Strip off Tropicana was the focus of the Demons of the city and they at least gave warnings. Bodies ripped apart and hanging from light posts gave the normal people the clue pretty damn quick. The Angel enclave north of Fremont and Las Vegas Blvd near where I live wasn’t half as polite.

We’d still be in a five or six way civil war if 9-11 hadn’t happened. It’s not often you get to see a miracle on camera live.

It started with four planes being hijacked all within a few minutes. Thirty minutes after the first plane had been reported, it hit one of the World Trade Center buildings. Fifteen minutes later another hit the other.

Then it happened. The parish priest at St Patrick’s cathedral had always been a gentle man, and when he woke up after a long night, he might have thought his dreams had come true as angel wings spread. He’d found he could conceal them, but he didn’t when that second plane struck.

On the news cameras you can still see it. Two building gushing flame and smoke, then everything reversed. First one plane then another came back out of the buildings.

I wonder how many would have died if he hadn’t intervened.

A dragon that had decided to nest in the East Bronx was next. As the two fighters screamed in from Otis Air Force base she leaped into the air, ripping the wings from the first plane, even as it tried to repeat that hell dive. The fuselage was caught then dropped with casual indifference on the runway at Kennedy.

A demon now going by the name of Asmodeus flew in through the cockpit of the second plane, and turned the terrorist crew into gobbets. Then he tapped the autopilot, and let the plane climb back out of the city, leaving the towers as they stand today.

All of the bills banning non-humans from holding public office, declaring them illegal and enemy aliens fell apart much to the President‘s relief. But that didn’t stop them from passing them for anyone who hadn’t lived here their entire lives.

This picket was against them.

“Make a hole.” I shouted. They looked at me, and most backed away. I have a rep for not having a sense of humor.

“We’re not budging.” One guy with more muscles than brains stood directly in my path. “We’re not letting any more freaks join the force.”

“You’re not letting us hire them?” I asked with a gentle purr. His tone suggested that maybe…

“You’re kind don’t belong here!” He roared. The others started to move back, clearly divorcing themselves from his loud mouth. Some of them knew me, and knew he’d really ticked me off

Sophie might have stopped me, but she knew my history. She sighed as I started forward. “Move it or lose it.” I snarled.

He lowered his sign, aiming the shaft of PVC pipe at my chest. Then he thrust.

It was instinct, years of fighting with a sword. The blade was there and I cut three times. The sign shredded as the pipe spilt leaving him a foot long length in his hands.

“Nothing human has that, freak.”

“Never heard of heroes and Paladins?” I asked. “I gave an oath to protect and defend when I joined the Army, when I joined the police department. I was raised to believe an oath must be followed. The Gods choose those who serve them and I am one.” I flipped the sword. “You can even touch it. But if you try to take the blade it will kill you.”

He looked at it and backed away.

“Now I’m going to tell you how it will be. You have a right to protest, I grant that. But if you damage any property in this little spree, if you hurt anyone, or cause them to be harmed, I will use this blade to seek you out and bring you to justice. . Not the justice of law, but the justice of what is right and wrong. Nothing in this world will hide you”

“Oh now you’re threatening?” The guy just wouldn’t shut up.

“Where I come from, they call that a promise, not a threat. Now unlike you, I’m late for work. Get out of my way or take your best shot.”

He considered it, he really did. Then he stepped aside. I stalked past him into the building.

The sergeant on the desk was sighing, head in hands as a small man and his lawyer squared off with him. “Listen sir, until her bail hearing your sister is in a holding cell. End of story.”

The small man growled, face changing, lengthening. The sergeant leaped to his feet, his own muzzle lengthening, his voice dropping to a growl. “Back off kitty cat before you get ripped into shreds!”

I walked into the elevator hitting the button. Sixteen floors up, I was in the Deputy Chief’s office.

“I don’t want it.” I said for maybe the fifteenth or sixteenth time.

He sighed, his wings spreading. He looked up at me with that angelic calm. “Morgan, it’s federally mandated. Every city has to have a combined team, that is Federal law as of eight AM.”

I didn’t say what I was thinking. The problem with being chosen by a god is that some of them get upset when you use those words. “Fine. So we have to set up these gottverdamnt teams. What do they consist of?”

“One each, a Paladin, a mage, a shaman, and one of each race.”

“So what, eight?”

“Nine. The Faerie think they should be counted separately.”

“Fine. When do I meet these losers?”

“Right before the press conference. So if you will?” He motioned toward the conference room. I followed him in. The room was empty at the moment, but that would change.

Two humans came in. One was a tall woman with waist length coal black hair in a long dress. A pentagram had been tattooed on her left cheek, a seal of Solomon on the right. She held a long staff in her left hand, strong fingers clenched on the wood as if it were a lover’s hand.

“Morgan, meet Danika and Loki.”

“No relation.” The man said. He walked into the room as if he owned the place, pouring a cup of coffee. “Want some mud Danika?”

“Please.” Her voice was soft, the kind men dream about. But her eyes were hard. The learning curve for magic is steep when you’re young.

An elf came in, that light step so much a part of their race. “Brachian.“ The Deputy Chief introduced. He held up the pot, and the elf sneered walking around him.
“What, no coffee?” Callahan asked.
“It's bad for them.”
“Very, very bad.” Brachian said. His voice reminded me of Elrond from the Lord of the Rings movies.
“No. Caffeine, remember?” I replied. “We have them in the cells every night. Either it hits like cocaine, or like heroin, sometimes even like alcohol.” He set the cup down, pouring some water over a tea bag, then reached for a muffin. “The same goes for chocolate.”

A dwarf came in, introduced as Droman. He leaped up into a chair, looking around the room with slightly concealed glee. All of faerie kind not specifically tied to the two Elvish courts were represented by him.

The Dragon wasn’t going to be here, Vrumigan, a red dragon would meet us on the helipad on the roof.

“Last but not least, Andiel from the angels and-” He was turning toward the door as the last two entered. I was on my feet, glaring as they entered.

“You!” I snarled.

She smiled hesitantly, black wings spreading instinctively as if she considered flight. “Hello, Art.”

“What, you know Lilith?”

“She was almost my wife.” I bit out.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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