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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Okay first of all I don't think Kavar's should be closed, however there is a major problem at Lucas Forums.
You say LF, but you mean Kavar's, don't include the entirety of LF in one sub-forum's "troubles".

First of all, one of the mods even admitted that most of the modded posts on Kavar's was from people flaming, flamebaiting, with me specifically being the target of those flamebaits and flames. Seriously, if I don't still have it on my PM inventory I have saved copies in my e-mail. Did those people get punished, generally no unless it was a slap on the wrist, on the flipside I've taken a lot of sanctions for finally retailiating because I had had enough.
Well of course the majority of the moderating is going to revolve around flaming, that's what the moderators are there to control especially on a debate-type forum. While Kavar's is for serious discussion the fact that you backlog a considerable amount of posts/PM's tells me that you're taking things a bit too seriously.

Quite frankly, with respect to Darth333's comments I couldn't disagree with him more about the modship at Kavar's or most of Lucasforums. If you aren't in a particular clique you can typically expect to be treated like garbage, and I would liken my treatment here to cyber-bullying and harassment. I'm not blaming Darth333, because I know he is honest and he's had to step in a few times over this.
First of all, unless DTrips underwent some radical surgery I'm not aware of, he is in fact a she. Secondly, I'm sorry you feel as if you're being cyber-bullied, but you do have a choice in forums and Kavar's isn't the optimum choice if you want to be treated like Gandhi. I can't really comment on how Kavar's should be handled because I don't really participate there, but the few threads there I have participated in, I have not felt any sort of injustice. The point is that you're going to be butting heads with opposing opinions when you go to a place like Kavar's if you aren't prepared to deal with that, don't go there. There are worse places than Kavar's on the internet for serious debate, that I can say with a degree of certainty.

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