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Wow, this is an old thread...

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma View Post
<snip> I'm not saying that they should just reuse the same exact areas, I just think that they should keep prominent areas like the Jedi Enclave area, and the Valley of the Dark Lords. Other than that, they should show us other parts of the planets, perhaps far away from the original areas. What do you think?
There could be much, much more on those planets. I agree. Yet at the same time they are becoming a bit worn out.

Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
Neither. Why always keep the old things? I definitely prefer to have new planets. I think Korriban has been over-used already. While I enjoyed it a lot in k1, in k2 it was an empty world with not much to do on it and I think I've seen enough of Dantoine. A great deal of the fun in this type of game is to explore new worlds. The only things I want to keep from the first 2 games are HK, t3 and the Hawk (but I could still live without the hawk). They can get rid of everything else.
Even the silver lightsabers?

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma View Post
Well, I wouldn't mind Telos being in, I suppose that Korriban and Dantooine are kind of getting old. I did say before that I wanted them in, but only if they have something new.

Korriban I really want in, it just belongs there as the Sith planet, and Dantooine as far as I am concerned isn't as good as Coruscant or Telos; But still, it has been the Jedi Enclave planet, so unless they change the Jedi Academy to another planet, I think it would stay.
Korriban seemingly will always have some little charm or another to throw at us, I think. I think Coruscant needs to be there this time--it is mentioned too much in the KOTOR games to not be. PLus it has been made central to SW.

I would not mind the old ruins of the Jedi Temple of Onderon being there.

Originally Posted by Vladimir-Vlada View Post
Yes, right. Oh, and developers, while you are at it, Lightsabres are over-used and there is no need for them to be inserted; those buggers are getting rather annoying. Party Members are such a bore as well, I am sick of those punch bags.

And the Ebon Hawk, yet again? Please get rid of it. Seeing it again is completely over-using and there is nothing new to see there, and it is also empty; It's so empty that you can put whatever you want in there.
Awesome name, yo!

To an extent about the lightsabers, I sort of agree, but K2 did a fair enough job making you work for it I think. You have to be clever and lucky to get very many. Maybe they could make some more weapon variants and stuffs.

What's wrong with Mandalore, or Bao Dur? Or Mira?

Originally Posted by ilwugoalie View Post
Lightabers being over-used is the problem of the user.... dont see the game forcing us to use that weapon....
No, but having it in K1 at least once or twice, you are forced to.

getting rid of the party members?? i'm guessing you want your character to be gods gift to the universe mastering anything and everything. And whats this about getting rid of the Ebon Hawk? why not just take the falcon out of ROTJ, or ESB (siad in sarcasm)
Originally Posted by 90SK View Post
Are you kidding me? We haven't even scratched the surface.
Well, I always thought there could be more considering Palpatine visited castles and temples on Korriban in his time. OTherwise there needs to be another sith planet.

Originally Posted by Ibelin View Post
I don't think making Korriban the second Peragus is a good idea.Peragus is so creepy even with not too many of the Sith.So Korriban,full of Sith soul->much creepier.
I think they should both be in the game.But later on,not at the beginning of the game.
What's wrong with horror shows and creep mansions? I actually like that sort of thing, thank you very much. Like the first time I played peragus. If there were a way to sort of randomize peragus I would actually ejoy a replay of it a heluva lot more.

Originally Posted by tastyclesx2 View Post
I say make them the first two planets, you crash on Korriban in the original area and find a way into newer tombs where the true sith are and some prisoners (companions) and you escape in a sith ship but the ship is set to Dantooine, (like how the ebon hawk was set to telos) giving way that they could be planning an attack. Someone there recognizes its design as one of the old sith ships and takes you to khoonda where one of the jedi compainions from a previous games tells you of t3 coming back with the ebon hawk and asks you to find where revan and the exile are.
Well, that is a very clever idea...

However, everyone has their own ideas.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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