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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Well, there are many different types of RAM, so it might not be as simple as that. Is it the same type (DDR, DDR2, etc) as what's in your system?
I've just checked - my current computer is using DDR2 while this extra stick is plain DDR.

Also keep in mind that even if it is the same type, you need an even number of sticks (2 or 4) in your computer for dual-channel operation. The impact of having dual-channel or not on performance is usually small, however, and really depends on what type of CPU you have. Core 2 Duos won't be affected too much at all (P4s would be a little moreso), whereas Athlon64s or anything with an integrated memory controller (IMC) will show a bigger impact, but I still doubt that it would be noticeable on anything but benchmarking software.
I don't need to worry about that now, but i'll keep that in mind when buying more in the future.

Cheers Q.
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