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The idea would be to accept a reduced usage to make to most of the resource because don't forget that the majority of nitrates and fertilizers used are chemicals, not animal waste. By accepting a 10%-20% drop in crop yield, you might be able to extend supplies of these chemicals by decades where you will have an overall greater amount of food produced in the long run.
Eh, nitrates can be manufactured just about anywhere, the limiting factor is energy, which isn't all that much of a deal in the long run asuming we invest in expanding production.

Also the issue of growth rate depends upon birth/death rates. When a population multiplies, it's because the death rate declines, but birth rate remains the same. Once there is an abundance of technology and people, then the birth rate falls. The problem after that comes from either an unbalanced population pyramid with fewer children to elderly, or highly variable birth rate that depends on the economy.
A simple way to reduce this problem drastically would be to accept more imigration, makes it better for their home countries too as a bonus.
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