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Great points all around.

The way I see it is that Anakin is the most powerful jedi behind Mace and Yoda. The fact that they started to not trust him, they should have befriended him and kept a friendlier watch on him. One of my Favorite quotes in RotS is when Palpy says "they need you, more than you know." All Palpy has to do is nudge him every now and again and Anakin will slip. Kind of like if your kid is being difficult and as a parent you get harsher and harsher punishments, you run the risk of your kid running to friends that may not be the best influence, but boost your ego and make you feel like you are worth something rather than feeling lacking to your parents.

I think the Jedi council is unsure about Anakin's strength and recklessness, but they do handle it in the wrong way. and it is too bad that Kenobi is too straight and narrow for Anakin to get some perspective with his relationship with Padme, a lot could have been avoided if anakin could talk to Kenobi without kenobi "looking down on him". that also assists Palpy in turning him. When ya feel like you've plateau'd at your career, you find another one with better benefits. If Palpy will let me be as powerful as I want and teach me awesome stuff and acts like teh father I never had, F the Jedi.

especially when the council wants him to spy on Palpy. WOOPS

anyway with all the distancing, YES I think Anakin would eventually turn against the Jedi, whether he falls to the dark side or becomes a little more like a darker version of Gui-gon

sorry for rambling

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