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If any “so-called” expert knew what the market was going to do they would not be blabbing about it in the media. They would invest their money and then set back and watch the money roll in.

Yes, the market is self-correcting. If we do nothing it will correct itself eventually. That is not going to help people losing their jobs, retirement, homes and medical coverage.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
With the Dow having dropped so far in the last few months, has it now become undervalued?
I’d say yes and no. I’m sure some stocks are very undervalued at the moment. I’m also sure there are some stocks that are still overvalued and require further corrections. Being able to evaluate the difference between the two decides if you make money or lose money in the market.

I will have to agree with Yar-El to a certain minor degree, but perhaps not for the same reason. Uncertainty is a driving force in the markets and Obama’s vision of the future breeds uncertainty among investors. However, I completely disagree with the idea that the market could be manipulated to such a degree. I also disagree with companies and investors losing money on purpose. That makes no logical or business sence and any CEO that would do it would soon be looking for another job. They don’t keep their jobs by making political points, their only concern is making the stockholders money.

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