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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
In agriculture, there will always be demand for livestock, but if we were to only use products that we would normally just throw away or are undesirable; that would be a means to utilize waste products for meat production. When I said 'most' farmland, I mean using much more of the land for human consumption. The potato has most of the nutrients we need to live, not to mention the highest calorie-land ratio of any food.
I am so proud of you DY: most in college I have met would suggest either the extreme of Vegan militancy, or Steak slaughterhouse.

You have hit it on the nose.

We do need animal protein, just not very much in most cases for most people.
The rest an be covered elsewhere. Most of what we need can be grown.

...Now if only fellow students in past would have parked their pride to say what you just said.
That would help the resources we have here on earth.

If we can prepare a plan where a state can sustain a population reduction, anticipating fewer children and more elderly, then great. However, Japan and Italy doesn't have such a plan; but they aren't even willing to accept foreign born children to take the place of the declining population of offspring. They need to increase the number of children they have, or they will suffer economic problems for a generation or more.
Well, and also they don't have the vicious circle present today in the US.
Nor the large scale shift in demographics.

In the US, It isn't that our, shall we call them, pre-existing core population is not breeding (Didn't we just have some invitro-fertile woman give birth to octuplettes on top of having six kids already?); It is that other populations come into the country that tend to have more offspring and larger families. These families are populating the US, and with it a spiraling exponential growth simply outnumbering its preexisting core population. There are problems with too much of this happening as well.

Quoted For Emphasis:
Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
How does more immigration make the problem better?
Also consider: Not all Americans are these lazy, incompetent people who won't do certain jobs which need doing: a problem here is that now undercutting for jobs is occurring even here. What's more is that colleges even consider making admission requirements easier on foreigners and illegals--these are not dumb people and they are moving up by taking any advantage they can get. It is not only the low end jobs being taken.

People leave a country for very few reasons, better opportunities, overpopulation, or just plain old don't like it. So, if we're got a lot of people immigrating from a country were you just DONT want to be, that's not going to be pretty, better opportunities is variable, but this can often lead to the problem we have in the US where immigrant families are having lots of kids but living for a long time. And if they're already overpopulated there, then won't they do the same here?
Plus there are those who remain under the radar that manage to be able to survive and work here in the US, and send their money back to where they came from...meanwhile they do not intend to integrate here, fully. When it is in their best interests, they just split instead. Even if this does not contribute to overpopulation in a permanent way, it does end up weighing the economic engine down and taking up resources. So another set of problems exist here as well as for those who stay.
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