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Kentruula Ull had been one of the few Jedi not to retire to a normal life. Instead she roamed Dantooine with her Jedi robe flowing behind her. Kentruula had become a very well known figure, as would be expected of a public Jedi. Numerous times had she fended off attempts on her life. She had also discovered a force sensitive amongst the local populace, likely trying to maintain her cover and live a normal life.

Whilst Kentruula was capable of holding her own against the Sith she knew that she needed help. This force sensitive was likely her only option, her only chance . . . Kentruula decided that she needed to talk with this individual, if only to discover her true nature. She emerged from her home, a small establishment far from civilization and boarded her speeder bike. She quickly accelerated, zipping across the plains with only the Force to guide her. She reached out to this person, this force adept . . . and rekindled the touch of the force within her soul.

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