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but this can often lead to the problem we have in the US where immigrant families are having lots of kids but living for a long time. And if they're already overpopulated there, then won't they do the same here?
Since imigrant families will tend to be in their, ah, most rabitish years, then yes, you'll have a certain increase in fertility, though the efect will usually wear off after a (relatively) short time as children of imigrants have fewer children themselves.

We do need animal protein, just not very much in most cases for most people.
The rest an be covered elsewhere. Most of what we need can be grown.
Actually if you think a bit before you eat, it's not very hard to manage without. Been living on a (for all intents and purposes) no-animal diet no problem.

In the US, It isn't that our, shall we call them, pre-existing core population is not breeding (Didn't we just have some invitro-fertile woman give birth to octuplettes on top of having six kids already?);
Last time I checked the "core" population had a birthrate a bit below 2, so yes the "core" isn't substaining itself.

It is that other populations come into the country that tend to have more offspring and larger families. These families are populating the US, and with it a spiraling exponential growth
Funny, I seem to remember fertility taking a big drop amongst second generation imigrants. Anyway, it's not as if the US is "overpopulated".

simply outnumbering its preexisting core population. There are problems with too much of this happening as well.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you saying that a majority of hispanics would be a problem? If so, why?

Also consider: Not all Americans are these lazy, incompetent people who won't do certain jobs which need doing: a problem here is that now undercutting for jobs is occurring even here.
As long as they are legal imigrants folowing the rules, I don't see a problem with this, though you could always strenghten employee rights for all workers if it gets too far.

What's more is that colleges even consider making admission requirements easier on foreigners and illegals--these are not dumb people and they are moving up by taking any advantage they can get. It is not only the low end jobs being taken.
A big reason for this is simple, foreigners tend to pay more than Americans for the same education. As for taking higher paid jobs, why not? If they are better qualified, why not let them?

Plus there are those who remain under the radar that manage to be able to survive and work here in the US, and send their money back to where they came from...meanwhile they do not intend to integrate here, fully. When it is in their best interests, they just split instead. Even if this does not contribute to overpopulation in a permanent way, it does end up weighing the economic engine down and taking up resources. So another set of problems exist here as well as for those who stay.
Since this is mainly done by hispanics, this works hardly hinders the US much. While remitances are fueling their home country's engine, that engine is very much linked with the US, so what helps one benefits the other.
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