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Let me begin first and foremost by saying that I am in no way implicating that the LFN staff, as a whole, comprising of each and every member in it, is in some way guilty of wrong-doing. I am fairly confident that by and large, the majority of the staff does their job and is given fair and honest treatment on par with other members. This is a formal complaint in regards to a singular member of staff, and is in no way meant to be associated with others, though the evidence I have compiled may implicate otherwise, a factor I cannot control, nor have endeavored to involve. Though I do intend to address other issues with other separate cases observed on LFN in the near future, I wish this to stand as an isolated request, and to not be tied to further inquiries I may have. I have attempted to be fair and honest with the individuals I have spoken to, have tried to be as objective to the situation as I possibly could, and strived to keep my personal opinion and bias away from the matter. If I have failed to do so, I apologise. Now, on to the matter at hand.

It has come to my attention during my involvement on LFN, which has been spent entirely in the Knights of the Old Republic section of the forums, that a certain member of staff, Rogue_Nine, has the common propensity for violating a clear and often enforced rule against the flaming of other members of the forums. I myself have been a victim of these attacks on three separate occasions, and have consequently reported the posts, which have been deleted. I wish to express my gratitude for this prompt action, and recognize that the issue was resolved, somewhat, for my personal qualms. However, it is obvious that I am fairly new to this forum, and know relatively little about its past. When having a conversation with a close friend who has been here much longer than I have, I was lead to believe that the issues with Rogue_Nine’s verbal attacks have been long-standing on the forum, and that though the reports were typically heeded, punishment was not given in proportion to the crime in the case of this particular admin. I took the liberty of gathering testimonials from members that have experienced similar cases of flaming at the hands of Rogue_Nine, verifying their willingness to be quoted in this complaint so as to preserve their personal privacy, asking the following questions:

1. Has Niner ever flamed you openly, and if so, how many times did he do so?

2. Was he disciplined in a way that you could see for this flaming?

3. How long ago was the first offense against you made, and how long ago was disciplinary action taken?
The following responses have been given freely by the members in question; however, I will not be releasing their names until they give full permission for me to do so in this thread:

1. The thing is, he prefers to go with passive aggressive attacks, and when he does outright flame and I report it, the post is gone by the time I go to find it again.

2. I have NEVER seen any form of discipline beyond the deletion of the post in question, which I do not feel is a satisfactory punishment for such an act.. Other members have the flaming content removed and a warning or infraction issued. Niner has never received a public warning to my knowledge, nor has he received an infraction.

3. I've seen R9, Jmac, Sithy, and their other little buddies flame, spam, and show a general lack of respect for anyone else ever since I first joined years ago.
1. Yes, and I lost count the number of times
2. First offense was in October 2008, the last offense was less than a week ago. R9 was never publically punished.
I read the testimonials thoroughly, and came to the conclusion that, based on the respective seniority of each member, the age of each of their offenses, and of their collective lack of seeing any public discipline being taken against Rogue_Nine, I am logically lead to believe that if punishment was enacted, it was done so behind closed doors. This does not appropriately align with the member policy of punishment, which is, quoted verbatim from the forum rules thread:

Spamming, cussing, and flaming

A person who flames others, spams, or uses excessively foul language will first receive a public warning in the thread in which any of these offenses occurred. The staff, at its sole discretion, may also take any other appopriate measures.
If the person does not correct their behavior a final warning will be given via private messaging. If the person still persists he/she will be temporarily banned for a duration the staff deems suitable.
Furthermore, I have posts of Niner in a debate setting openly flaming, provoking, and threatening power against a common member. Certain posts were made in a similar fashion by myself and others, and they were deleted, as they rightfully should be, yet these still exist:

I approached a member of staff to inquiry whether or not disciplinary action had been taken against him, publically or privately, and I received a vague and dodgy response, stating that action had been taken, but no more specifics could be given to me. During another testimonial involving a member with seniority greater than my own, I was informed that Rogue_Nine had been demoted from his position in the past, an action that had been public by its very nature. When in inquiry with another member of the forums, who has been with LFN for four years, and was banned and went into self-imposed exile only to return a year ago, he informed me that he had no recollection of Rogue_Nine being demoted. This leads me to believe that the demotion must have occurred either before the member’s presence on LFN, or during his exile, which would place the demotion a year in the past, at the very least.

In the interests of objectivity, I have given adequate lease of personal opinion to the staff to keep minor violations of the rules committed by a staff member quiet, so as to preserve the integrity and image of the staff as a whole. But, given the length of time this has been occurring, and due to the fact that it is still happening on a regular basis, I believe it to be in the best interests of the members of this forum, and the integrity of the staff, to take a more drastic and fairer course of action for the violations committed by Rogue_Nine. If he has been demoted in the past, given the frequency of his following crimes, discipline that is of a public nature in itself should have been given at a much earlier time than the present date, and should therefore still be given today. I formally request that Rogue_Nine be scrutinized more harshly for his repetition of crimes, and, in the interests of equality for members, be given a suitable punishment on par with any member of this forum.

I would like to apologise if I have offended or upset anyone with this thread, as it was not my intended purpose. I only wish to see proper and equal justice done for the crimes allotted. I am not out to break rules or start a revolution. I am more than happy to admit that I am no saint in this, and that I have, myself, been guilty of flaming, but was appropriately penalized by staff and made efforts not to repeat my violations. Given the evidence I have provided, I don’t feel as if the treatment given to Niner was equal to the punishment I received, which is why I have made this thread. Thank you for your time.

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