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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
Yeah, nice job with the posters.

My only grief with the CMI-one is that it looks like you've started with a rather low-res source, and so the fine lines didn't hold up when upscaled. Other than that, nice job. I'll try my hands on them myself one day though, if you don't mind. And regarding the CMI-artwork, I might be on to something.
I would love it if you did one... that was my first try at upscaling and cleaning up the scuffs and whatnot and I know I didn't use the right filters. It's especially noticeable around the flame border for "The Curse of", a lot of definition was lost when I tried to get rid of the noise that was permeating all the colors.

I still think my Grim Fandango one turned out quite nice. Especially when you compare it to the original.
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