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1. Every day I am abused by Rogue Nine. Verbally, emotionally, sexually. I can't imagine why, since I've done nothing to offend him, but I can't stay away from him. It's like, I need the security, you know? I need to know he's there.

2. No, he's never disciplined. He attacks me like as if in a drunken stupor and causes great pain to me and my loved ones. Still, I can't find myself letting him go. I think it would hurt him more than me to stay away from him, and I don't want to hurt him.

3. For the first few days, he seemed like a genuinely friendly person. He took me in with his warm charisma and made me feel welcomed. Then his jokes and sexual jabs become more intimate... dirtier. I started to feel violated every day. But the original comfort I felt still lingers, and I can't tear myself away from him as a person.

I know that he's not the perfect person, but I think he'll change if we just show him how much he's loved. Please, he doesn't deserve punishment, just... give him some more time.

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