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I liked Kyle the most when he was just an ex-imperial soldier with no force power stuff at all. I thought that Dark Forces gave a look into Star Wars that was more visceral and more "real" than the later games. You were just a merc going on missions for the Rebel military. There were no force powers (magic), just you and your guns and the bad guys.

This is a portrayal of events that do happen in the SW universe, but it isn't portrayed much because the force-bearers are the "cool" bunch. In fact, it's only something you really see in the most original Star Wars game era in the early to mid '90s (IMO).

Well, I suppose I'm ignoring Republic Commando but I didn't really think that game was super great. For one, it's not my favorite Star Wars era and it kinda didn't feel Star Wars enough to me as a result. It was decent though. I wish we'd seen Imperial Commando. LucasArts went down the tubes as a company and dropped it apparently.
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