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Is it my place to respond to this? Probably not. But since this is a public feedback forum, I intend to give my point of view.

Originally Posted by Adavardes View Post
This does not appropriately align with the member policy of punishment, which is, quoted verbatim from the forum rules thread:
Did you see the part that said "at the Staff's sole discretion"?

Originally Posted by Adavardes
Furthermore, I have posts of Niner in a debate setting openly flaming, provoking, and threatening power against a common member. Certain posts were made in a similar fashion by myself and others, and they were deleted, as they rightfully should be, yet these still exist:
The first is bullcrap, because he's in fact moderating in the alleged "flame." He says he is not going to allow the blatant offtopic nature of Garfy's posts in that thread to continue. Baw.

The second isn't even posted by him

Originally Posted by Adavardes
I was informed that Rogue_Nine had been demoted from his position in the past, an action that had been public by its very nature. When in inquiry with another member of the forums, who has been with LFN for four years, and was banned and went into self-imposed exile only to return a year ago, he informed me that he had no recollection of Rogue_Nine being demoted. This leads me to believe that the demotion must have occurred either before the member’s presence on LFN, or during his exile, which would place the demotion a year in the past, at the very least.
Whoever this is must have joined a few months after I did, but let me be quite clear when I say that you should get your facts straight before accusing. This occurrence did not happen more than a year ago. It happened since you were a member here, so perhaps you and your 'informant' should be more careful.

Too bad you didn't ask me those three questions, because Niner's never bothered me.


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