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Originally Posted by Kjølen View Post
It seems the crux of the problem here is that you want people to have very, very public punishments. All your arguments continue to boil down to "punish them publicly." You seem to have some sort of fix on getting the people you don't like publicly humiliated or else you would have just kept this entire matter in private with the staff, as many staff members have repeatedly urged you to do.
Not so. I just wish for him to recieve the punishments I and others have recieved, which have often been public. If it is there prerogative to handle punishments publically, then it is my personal opinion that all members, regardless of staff status, should recieve similar punishment. Again, this is my personal opinion on a formal complaint expressing a lack of justice, in my eyes, with one member of staff.

If someone can show me that I am wrong, and that he has been punished appropriately, I'll withdraw my statement.
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