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Wink u n00bs - DOSBOX TUTOR

U R all so dump n00bs (no offense)
On every os DosBox works. Use this. I give u a simle tutorial.
1. Download DOSBox (
2.Install it
3. Create a Folder in C: named DOSGAMES (case sensitive) dosbox
5.write this: mount c C:\DOSGAMES
6.write this: mount d yourdriveletterletter:\ -t cdrom write D:
8.write install.exe
9.go to install
10.go to custom install enter
12.check : levels, textures, cutscenes, and sprites continue
14.look how it installs any key any key again
17.wait c enter choose sound blaster 16 port select 220 stereo reverse select 0 detect any key quit y exit exit again
29.write dark.exe the game with no lagg and enjoy (note if u see that the game slows down just press ctrl+f12 or/and ctrl + f8 as times as it runs perfect)

This method works with all sw dos games that i tryed so far. BTW I USE VISTA. alt +enter to full screen

just give a thx
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