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the best way I found was to activate the Red bricks "poo money" and "fertilizer"

then go to the second level of Episode 4 and right at the beginning sit on the two wooley elephants(not sure what they are really called that the sand people ride)

set them up "back to back" and then hit the B on xbox 360 on both controllers (yeah you will have to have two controllers activated) they will poop money at each other. {if another console, just hit whatever button works}

Then just switch your TV back to another input to watch a movie or tv show and click on both controllers for about an hour. just becareful not to accidentally jump off your elephant or you will switch back to the game and one guy will be standing there and you will not have made nearly as much money

careful though: once you want to quit, you have to finish the level. which is a pain if you can't get someone to lend a hand on the second controller.
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