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In the heart of Mandalore. Mandalore the Destroyer woke up from a restless sleep.Suddenly the alarm rang that told you that there were unwanted vistors Mandalore got suited, and drew his two soon as he got done a group of new Neo-Crusader walked in, and sluited."Mandalore we've been breached by the south and north it seems that both republic, and the sith want us dead". "Kel i want you to fend of the republic while i finish the sith threat, but before you go send ordo, and raven". Yes Mandalore
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Mandalore. Ordo, and Raven said in union". "I need you two,to get as much equitment as you can get and follow me".Said Mandalore "yes Mandalore".said Ordo, and Raven

Bow down to the Lord of Destruction May the force serves you well.
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