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While Ordo and Raven went to go get equipment, a ship came crashing down onto the planets surface a couple miles from where Ordo and Raven were.

Meanwhile over by the crash site a lone wounded republic soldier came crawling out of the debre, he stood up, grabbed his rifle and looked around.

"Dang, the Captain is going to kill me."

He checked for any survivors, most of his fellow soldiers were killed in the impact, though he noticed some missing.
He looked on his data map.

"I am so not close to the landing site...and I need to find those missing men before the Mandalorians or somethings else kills them if they aren't already dead."

"They remind me of Wookiees. You know, from Star Wars?...Nothing?! Ah, forget it. It's for kids." -Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds to the Chief.

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