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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
That we have the power to control ourselves or protect ourselves from wrong groups doesn't mean everyone (especially lower-scholed children who seek confirmation) has it.
True it is pertinent we who can and do impart it to the young as much as possible. This is not indoctrination or dogmas, this is plain common sense if we want to see less of this happening.

What went wrong there? From innocent schoolgirl (which I can confirm since I knew everything about her work-related) to what she is now?
That may be answered in part by web rider's post below yours...which I shall quote below.

Originally Posted by Bee Hoon View Post
You made me cringe and lol simultaneously :P
Teaching kids a little self control and making them understanding that there are consequences for actions would go a long way:/
Thank you.

--Perhaps not a laugh of joy, but of shock?

{Snip} Response to deleted post. -RH

Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
More responsibilities should not be confused with giving them more responsibility.
Excellent discernment.

One is the giving of tasks to do and complete that require a higher level of responsibility, which is the ability to complete said tasks without screwing around.
Which sadly does not happen often--or it is not done in such a way as to be effective.

...Yet we wonder about things like attention deficit disorder? How dense are we?

In short, it is only from my personal observations that I THINK we're giving kids more to deal with, but not imparting upon them the skills to deal with it. I THINK this is because many lax parents today attempt to prove their quality as a parent through how many "adult" tasks their child can complete. It is personal observation and nothing more.
No source? Bummer I was hoping for some study. This is something that really does need a good looking into IMO. However, thank you for interjecting your piece. Good clarification.

Side note: Do you believe this is also a factor in under achievement for Americans in both work and academic performances?

What do you suppose constitutes laxity in parenting? What factors play into such folly, I wonder? (Or maybe this ought to go into another thread?)

For example, there are parents who are religious and those who are not. Yet nowadays it would seem that religion is not effective at determining this laxity. Spirituality, and character development, on the other hand...I think they do. (YET) If religion does not facilitate that, then what does?

Using my own life as an example, my family is not religious; however, growing up, we did check around churches from time to time, we did do charitable things, and emphasis for morals & ethics was always on integrity, choices and consequences, and recognizing a relationship between the two in every situation.

Does it not appear in a modern society like the US, that it has so many conveniences, comforts, easy quick solutions, distractions?...Would it seem that those terms (spirituality and character development) are vague if not totally foreign altogether (character development and spirituality) in todays society?

What role does permissiveness play? Are there enough checks and balances taken into consideration by the general parenting population?

It would seem we are farthest from spirituality and character development in the US; this may just be my opinion, though. --I believe this because as more and more as time goes on, mockery and discouragement of such things has become more and more common.

Hormones, that's pretty easy to find.


Though I will insert my agenda on equal sex rights, I think the effects of these hormones on men and boys are largely being ignored. Most articles I read talk about the effects on girls.
Good job--thanks. Actually, for the record I agree with the whole general assertion here that the boys and men are being ignored in how things affect them. You raise a good specific point here too. We are not looking at the *whole* picture. Or at least that is my opinion.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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