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Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001 View Post
Oh to see a version of Monkey Island 2 that used the high-res images for backgrounds... Drool...
Actually, I disagree on this.
The art is perfect the way it is ingame, because it was made for it.
I saw the inside of Wally's room in the Rogue Leaders book and I was shocked by the lack of detail and the simpleness of it all.
However in the game, everything looks very detailed and beautifully drawn because of the lack of resolution.
The backgrounds where done with this resolution in mind, so that's how they should be presented.

And thats exactly the reason why I don't endorse the Monkey Island speech project btw. The lines were written to be read, not to be heard.
That's the reason why the Faith of Atlantis' talkie version was a little on the flat side.

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