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Originally Posted by Lagomorph
That's the reason why the Faith of Atlantis' talkie version was a little on the flat side.
Actually that was because Hal Barwood, despite having worked in films, wasn't invited to sit in on the recording sessions. But I do take your point, a lot of the lines in MI1 and 2 are excessively wordy and would be very difficult to pull off and make sound good.

Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
I've got the book, and I do see what you mean. Although the art looks far from unappealing in high resolution — it's beautiful — I can't see how it'd gel with the original pixellated character models and such. The lines and everything are just too smooth and it'd look ridiculous.

If they were to tackle something like that, they'd have to redraw the characters and props in a higher resolution, more like CMI. And that's a prospect I've not sure how I feel about.
I felt like that at first, too... I was shocked as they always seemed a LOT more detailed in the game, but after playing Braid I really feel as though the "playing in a painting" effect is very beautiful. I'd love to see it in MI2.

You also have to remember that in both of the cases (talkie and backrounds), that you always have the original if you prefer it!

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