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Well, i've finished it. Yup mildly fun, but far from a triumph.
The graphics were amazing, voice acting wasn't as bad as expected apart from using a load of english words eg: plonker, blimey and bloody hell that were spoken by americans. always a bad idea.

The fact that it was made by Germans showed, the puzzles were obvious, for example to get a tranquilizer dart you used a dartboard, or to get a nail you used a hammer and so forth.

Then the humour.........not really sure i laughed more than once, germans doing a humurous

They announced that there would be a number 5 even before 4 was released in the UK.

So how come MI is more popular, made by a world renowned company, the subject matter is very popular at the mo (POC) and yet it's old rivals are still prancing along and MI's not going anywhere?
Suppose they could release it on Wii MI Wii hhhhmmmm
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