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Done abit of scouting for the next game, gotta get
Broken Sword - Angel of Death.
BUT also found a game called "So Blonde", apparently Guybrush, Simon and others make apperances. The games centered around a stereotypical upperclass blonde, trapped on a tropical island.
Just watched an ingame youtube on it; she picks up a coconut and dialogues how she can't wait to show her freinds a real wild coconut, (which i thought was pretty funny).
Spent a night with a very similar girl whilst travelling recently, but her posh upbringing hasn't stopped her, she told me stories about her travels that'd make ya toes curl, she's out in Ecuador at the moment.
But you'd never expect a gal like her to put herself through those things.
Get the feeling the game developers met her aswell

Wow there really are still plenty of good point n clicks out there.
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