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Originally Posted by Sle63 View Post
hey people who would win in a no force hand-to-hand combat, Revan or Master Chief.

Or do you think they would be equally matched!?
Well NO force, and hand to hand means NO lightsaber. Master Chief would win. Maybe if Revan had armor on(really damn good armor) He might have a chance. But other then that the Master Chief would crush Revan

Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
No it's HK vs. the lion from Wizard of Oz.
I'd vote for the lion but going with the facts..... HK would win, I am sorry to say that.

Originally Posted by Alkonium View Post
To be honest, Revan. He'd still have his lightsaber, and if that can cut through armour that's has countless millennia of technology behind it, I'm pretty sure that it can cut through Spartan Armour.
Hand to Hand! No lightsaber. Read the first post.

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