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Originally Posted by Druganator View Post
well if you take the force away from revan youd have to strip the metal skeleton from master chief. and take his armor off. then itd be an interesting fight.
No, That was not a condition of the fight, It did not say no force then no armor. It clearly states that Revan will have no force, and that it will be a hand to hand combat, No lightsaber and no machine guns.
It never says any thing about armor. And the Master Chief has no super powers. He has massive strength, but no other powers.

So if Revan can wear what he wants so can Master Chief. Its armor not a super power like the force.

And as much as I hate to say it Revan would get his ass kicked. I trust me I want the Master Chief to lose. But he wouldn't.

And unless you can come up with real facts as to why Revan would win, give them please. But no, "Well he would win because I want him to, or because he is awesome." Those are not real facts.

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