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Ordo i want you to tell Kel to give the republic army a warriors death. i respect them, but the sith is another matteri wiil show them what would happen when they cross Mandalore.

Yes Mandalore

And hurry up the forces are breaching the inner wall so you must hurry.Meet me, and Raven at southeren coridoor.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raven i want you to scout out and tell me if the sith have breached the sith holocrons. if they have then destroy every holocron you see we can't let any body discover are secert of the sith, or of the jedi we possive
ah good Ordo come with me we must stop the sith. this is the last time they think they can befriend, or minpulate the Mandalorians.

Bow down to the Lord of Destruction May the force serves you well.
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