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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
- People who walk slowly infront of you - I run into these people on purpose
My school has so many people like that. They walk insanely slow down the hallway, get right in front of you when you try to pass them, and call you out like your some kind of bitch when the bell rings in 5 seconds and you're going to be late to class. >.>

I especially hate when tall people are like this. Because those with long legs have long strides, and they are just wasting their efficiency. Because I have short legs and running down the hallway with half your locker's contents in heels as your teacher gives you the stare isn't always ideal.

Also when people you barely know try to intrude into your relationships and what goes on behind closed doors...

Lastly, parents who push their kids towards the giant kitty kat mascot when they're obviously afraid and going to cry if near me. Ignorant *******s...
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