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Originally Posted by Tyrion View Post
I take it you didn't raise up a response?
Oh no, I did. The peanut issue was just one of three or four things they talked about. I repeatedly raised the up the issue of why banning things can be unnecessary, ineffective, and bad. One of my arguments was that it would just be pointless because anyone who had these allergies would know enough to steer clear of them. And that's on top of the fact that (in elementary schools at least) teachers often know which students have allergies to what, with epee pens always at the ready in a the nurse's office. We can't just ban everything that may be harmful. Also, it's important to mention that in our discussion it was only about banning it from being sold at school lunch, and wouldn't stop kids from bringing in their own sandwiches.

Oh, if you have a kid who basically goes into shock at the mere scent of peanuts, then yeah, that's a different story.


Oh, and I hate people who are afraid for their kids lives whenever they have a cough, spraying Lysol all over everything. Buying only overpriced food that claim to be "organic" - which is complete bull**** 80% of the time.

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