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Question Well they say everything's free for discussion...

i've seen a lot of debate about if the RC forums should be saved or should let die. so lets take a vote. Let the RC forums Die, or try to get them back on their feet. I've only seen like, 8 whole people that still post here. although a year ago there were tons! so maybe RC is just going out. there hasn't been any new games, and the books are really the only thing still coming out that have RC's in it. So vote. either post Live or Die(and a reason why). if there's more people that say live, than more of us should maybe start trying to make some discussion boards, and post on them every now and then. I mean come on, there's even a thread about halo, sly cooper, and AVP in this place. there doesn't seem to be limits.
BUT, if more people say die(and if there's quite a lot...) than maybe we should go with popular demand. just let this thing go. unless someone gets some grandslam of an idea and gets hundreds of new posts/posters.

if you don't agree with this idea, than sorry, but I think it'd get this dispute taken care of. the votes stop being counted 3/8/09 @ 12:00 pm(er, midnight) GMT.

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