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The Soldier and the Fugitive
“Yes. We have just landed on Tatooine. Bastilla and Juhani are accompanying him.”
“Good. Has he had any ‘dreams’ like on Dantooine?” The small hologram of Vandar asked.
“Why would that be important?” Carth Onasi asked.
“It would proof he is growing in power, Carth. Which was one of our goals other then the starmaps.”
“I realize you have taken a chance in accepting an adult for training. I also realize it’s VERY rare to send a padawan across the galaxy without a master present. So I think I deserve an explanation.” Carth tried.

The small figure of Vandar moved a little bit.
“Your answer will come in time. It’s just important to know how he’s doing. The reason why we accepted him in our ranks is his incredible power. He has the potential to become…extremely strong.”
Carth smiled:
“I’ve heard that before. But I’ll keep you posted. I know what a difference the Jedi can make. Especially the strong ones. But I still find it strange I should be the one reporting. Why not Bastilla?”

Suddenly, another figure appeared in the hologram.
“Because you know more about Jedi then you know, Onasi.”
Carth laughed: “Where the HELL did they find YOU? What’s this pleasant surprise, Master Vandar?”

Vandar smiled: “He will be your contact from now on. He and several others will be a shadow team helping you. He will acquire as much information as he can. And send it over to you. Just make sure your leader doesn’t see you communicating with us. This is just military information for you alone.”
Vandar stepped out of the hologram, allowing the other man to talk.

“Understood. Carth Onasi out. It’s good to see you again, kid. Can you send me the communication codes for your ship?”
“Sure,” The other man said: “Slow Hand – TC-009/13/24b. It’s a spy ship. Equipped with the best technology around. Excellent stuff.”
Carth smiled. “All right then. I’ll keep you posted about our ‘padawan’ and our actions. Any chance you’ll be traveling to Manaan by the way?”
The man on the other side of the hologram frowned:
“No…why should we?”
Carth frowned too: “An…old friend is held there. Maybe you pay him a visit.”
The other man swallowed: “Allright…thank you for this information. We’ll be in touch. Goodbye Carth.”
Carth turned a sad smile: “Goodbye kid. I’ve missed you.”

Jormin entered the sleeping quarters of his ship. A few minutes after sitting down, Yan-Ze joined him.
“It’s been two weeks now. Do you feel any different?” Yan asked.
“No. I can’t sense anything…and I’m pretty sure the latest training sessions proved that.” Jormin replied.
Two hours ago, Yan released a small round droid, who shot little laser beams at Jormin. Jormin was able to block the first shots. Afterwards, Yan gave Jormin a blinding visor and claimed Jormin should ‘see the droid in the Force.’ The session ended with mild burn wounds and an blaster-shot droid.

“It’s difficult to use the Force, kid. I wasn’t a star at it until quit late in my training. Maybe it’ll come in time.” Yan tried.
“It won’t. I’m as Force sensitive as a doormat.” Jormin angrily sneered.
“I know some dangerous ‘doormats’ you wouldn’t like to meet in a dark alley, kid. Not in a light alley either…probably don’t meet at all, come to think of it.” Was Yan-Ze’s witty response.
“Yeah, yeah…Wookiee Jedi…I get the joke.”
“No Wookiee Jedi! I’m talking about a nice Mandalorian trap I once found! A doormat with ‘welcome’ on it in Aurabesh, rigged to 40 kilos of Mandalorian explosives. Subtle.”
Jormin couldn’t suppress a small laugh.
“You are insane, you know that?”
“Yes. And that’s why we’re going to Manaan.” Yan smiled.
“What? You like fish?” Jormin parried.
“No, I like Sith embassies, Kolto politics and neutral bastards. I mean fish. Neutral fish. Never insult them for bastards or fish though.”
Jormin laughed. “Why not?”
“Because hypocrite bottom feeder is better.”
Whatever Yan did, it made Jormin feel a whole lot better. And the promise of a new target, Manaan, made him feel even better.
“I’ll check if your lovely droid is all right. I have a problem with HK-protocol droids.”
“Bought one?”
“Nope, destroyed some. Anyways, we have a safe house and two contacts on Manaan. We should be safe.”

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