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I've decided to go through this whole thread and answer as many Q's as I can related to Evolution and Creationism, please don't ask any more but allow me to answer the ones I was unable to earlier...

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Just one? Okay.
Whales have don't "vestigal" bones (they say it proves that it used to be used for walking) those bones serve as anchor points for muscles. Without them whales can't reproduce, they have nothing to do with walking on land... Even IF it was vestigal, isn't losing something against evolution?

Some of you asked couldn't have God just used Evolution?

Simply put, no... God didn't use a process in which millions of creatures have to die just to get the perfect creature. Besides he's perfect, if he created something macro evolution doesn't need to happen in order to perfect it... Sure micro evolution happens but it's not to perfect an animal, but to allow it to fit into it's surroundings better. If you claim to be a Christian and believe in Evolution, you're not a Christian because you don't believe in the Genesis Account.

I will work on the rest later... You guys sure can ask a lot of questions...

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I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's like the planets are aligning or something.

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