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This little thing is all about DOORS.
Not to model them, but creating a hole in the wall where they fit in.

Okay you chumps, I recorded a piece, on how I do holes for doors... most of the times


Its without audio, I've added some text pop-ups here and there, just look, m'kay.

To help my friend Disbeliever I wrote up a little piece about texturing your area, its short though, but it has some helpfull tricks in it.
Here's the link: CLICK ME

Whats in the .zip?

- My 3Ds Max file
- The textures I used for the area
- The word.doc

I have Max 9, so if you got an older version I'm not sure if it will open
Though Max 2008 or 2009 should be save I believe.

If it opens and whines about the textures, use the browse button and redirect it!


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