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Originally Posted by ET Warrior View Post
Oh? You actually read the research article? Or you're just asserting that this information is inaccessible to prevent having to accept the validity?

In fact, I believe the specific study in question about the IQ of atheists being statistically significantly higher than theists is data taken from surveys conducted by the US Department of Labor, so the data wasn't even taken by the researcher in question, and your assertions of bias and skewed sampling fall flat.
And the data that justified racism was taken by the Smithsonian Institute if I remember correctly. You have to be very careful about any study that involves race or religion, the vast majority of the time you're going to see the research skewed by someone with an ax to grind. Newsbusters found a pretty good example here recently.

But News Busters also found:


The Newsbusters Article is here:

Interesting Quote:
The other co-author, Maria Elizabeth Grabe, has an interesting 2006 research project listed online in her curriculum vitae: a paper titled ""Bill O'Reilly's 'No Spin Zone': Using 1930s Propaganda Techniques and Constructing Villains, Victims, and The Virtuous." It says it was well-received at an international conference in Dresden, Germany. The paper is here, and compares O'Reilly to Father Charles Coughlin, an anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi radio host of the 1930s.
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