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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Also, '99 posse gonna pwn you n00bs
you have such a youthful vigour in your voice Lynk. You must have joined when you were 8 surely

Voicewise, I often get mistaken for my old man, who is a gruff 61 year old..

Originally Posted by negsun
You all sound so extremely 1 or 2 people
Yeah that hit my ears too. There must be some regional accent going on there. I think alot of TV we get out here has some NY accent which is why Niners sounded a bit more familiar(without sounding like a Brooklyn mobster of course)

I'd love to hear your hybrid belgo-scottish accent negsun My Cypriot Turkish accent is strongest when Im speaking Turkish of course, but does creep into my English in casual conversation, not so much at work when Im sustaining a 8 hour poilte phone voice. (Cant swear much in a public health centre)

of course lexx and lynk hardly sound american. I was expecting a little more of a foreign flavour in Lynks accent. Any other aussies listening would have picked up he was from Melbourne.

Originally Posted by pho3nix
Also, Jae sounds exactly like a TV/movie character I know, but I don't remember who it is
yes, yes! I cant match the name with the voice... its a character from a sitcom ....thats as close as I can get atm edit: I think I got it ! ... Laurie Metcalf which most people will remember as 'Aunt Jackie' on Roseanne. Jae mentioned Chicago, and Laurie is from the same state(IL) so I hope Ive picked the regional accent right! (IIRC Groovy is also from this state)


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