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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
I'm guessing you misinterpretted what I said, and I'm sorry for not wording it in a way that you wouldn't jump to that conclusion, but for the record I never called you a racist if you actually read what I said,
You said, "by your reasoning black people aren't as intelligent as White based on studies done years ago."

That, categorically, is not my reasoning and I made no comment at all about the ancestry of people. I cited data which are demonstrating a clear, negative correlation between intelligence and conservative beliefs. That has nothing to do whatever with ancestry.

You have just over 12 hours remaining. I suggest you edit your post, but if you prefer, a public apology for mis-characterizing my comments for your own ends will go a long way to developing a bit of respect from me. This mis-characterization implies that I'm a racist, whether you chose to admit or not and whether thats what you intended or not. Just over 12 hours....

To sum it up my point is that you need to look at historical instances of where the scientific community tried to manipulate data to promote stereotypes.
No I don't. The data I'm citing from the studies I'm citing have nothing whatever to do with historical pseudoscience. These studies have nothing to do with ancestry or ethnicity and are backed by empirical data.

The fact that the research is highly subjective and that we have no information as to who they tested and the geographic locations where the samples were taken.
The data are not subjective -they are empirical. The methodologies include the demographics of the samples. You need only look at the papers cited.

I am glad you at least waited for me to clarrify what I was saying in case you were misinterpreting what I was saying.
You're not done yet. You've mis-characterized my comment which cites data regarding beliefs by attempting to equivocate it to pseudoscientific studies in history that derided ancestry and ethnicity. This is a prime and clear example of a straw man argument, which is a form of ad hominem argument. You'll need to edit your post and/or post an acknowledgment that my position and comment is being mis-characterized. I'll settle for simply you editing the post. 12 hours. Tick-tock.

Beyond that, I appreciate your participation here. Please don't get me wrong. Which is the reason I'm affording you this opportunity.

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