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25+ U.S. States Declaring Sovereignty

Article - 25 States Considering Sovereignty Legislation

These are some of the reasons cited by some of these states and their proposed legislation:

I. Declaring Involuntary Martial Law over any of the 50 States
II. Any kind of "domestic Draft" (Obama's Service Corps)
III. Any kind of required service of Minors (Youth Brigades)
IV. Surrendering any power delegated or not delegated to any corporation or foreign government. (UN Millenium Declaration, which Obama supports.
North American Union/SPP agreement.
UN Carbon Taxes)
V. Any act regarding religion; further limitations on freedom of political speech; or further limitations on freedom of the press. (Fairness Doctrine)
VI. Any attempt to further restrict the the Right to Bear Arms
States That Already Are Sovereign / Passed 10th Amendement Restatement Legislature:
- California (CA)
- Hawaii (HI)
- Texas (TX)

States Claiming Sovereignty:
- Arizona (AZ)
- Arkansas (AR)
- Georgia (GA)
- Kansas (KS)
- Indiana (IN)
- Iowa (IA)
- Michigan (MI)
- Minnesota (MN)
- Missouri (MO)
- Montana (MT)
- New Hampshire (NH)
- Oklahoma (OK)
- South Carolina (SC)
- Tennessee (TN)
- Washington (WA)

States Planning / Motioning Toward Claiming Sovereignty:
- Alabama (AL)
- Alaska (AK)
- Colorado (CO)
- Idaho (ID)
- Maine (ME)
- Nevada (NV)
- Ohio (OH)
- Pennsylvania (PA)
- West Virginia (WV)
I cleaned up the post. I'm also going to look for some mainstream media reports. Each of the listed states have actual bills in motions, and you can download or read them directly from each of the state's websites. They are legit. Most sites have a .gov web address.

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