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Get bent!
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What kind of a raging anger machine wakes up to text messages?

In other news, Dath and I think I killed Rhett this morning.

Apollo986 [Dath] - If anyone cares, im going to kill tie for waking me with a text

LF_TiE23 - If anyone cares I shot and killed a homeless looking man who broke into my house at 6:20am. Might have been Dath... not sure,

LF_TiE23 - ... not sure, wasn't much face left to identify by. Smelled like poop and Gatorade. Tossed him into my neighbor's yard waste bin.

Apollo986 - wasnt me, i was too busy doing your mom

LF_TiE23 - You must have hired him. He seemed determined to kill me with a spoon he stole from our kitchen... He wasn't very good at it

Apollo986 - spoon from the kitchen? oh ****...wheres rhett

LF_TiE23 - Whoops, forgot to mention he didn't have any pants on... : |

Apollo986 - yep that was rhett
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