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Bastila is a wonderful character, and easily the most interesting one. She is willing to show compassion to anyone who repents, such as Revan (and Mekel on Korriban if you use the Bastila on Korriban mod). Considering what she knows of Revan, her compasssion and willingness to work with him is astounding. Of course, since neither Malak or Canderous ever repents, she rightfully despises them for their evil ways.

She has a huge responsibility riding on her shoulders; on Taris, Carth says that only Bastila stand between the Sith and victory. By the beginning of the first game, she has carried that burden for more than a year. Then she also takes on the burden of guiding mind-wiped Revan on the Star Forge mission. Is it any wonder she cracks under those burdens?

Her inner conflicts also grant the character depth, a depth that none of the others can match.

Frankly, Bastila is the only one of the crew which shows any inner strength at all. The others are just quitters in various forms: Carth is broken by simple betrayal and loss of his wife, much the same for Jolee. Canderous is broken by being defeated and finding no challenge working as a merc. Zaalbar is broken for being cast out. Mission is broken by being abandoned by her no good brother. Juhani is broken by failing her test.

There is nothing in any of their background, etc. which suggest any of them have even tried to improve their lot. Seriously, the rest of the crew is a pathetic bunch of losers in comparison with Bastila . At least she fought on, the rest just seemed to have given up until Revan came along. Yeah, I know it is just a game, but the difference is striking

Originally Posted by Allronix
Mission starts out asking an honest (albeit sophomoric) question,
And then she continues to push the issue when being told the very idea is preposterous . That scene makes Mission look not only dumb, but also bratty. Notice how Mission flies of the handle at the slightest mention of age? She really deserved what she got (and a force trip seems very mild in context).

Originally Posted by Allronix
Bastila couldn't take a little teasing out of Canderous
He isn't teasing her, one would have to daft or willfully ignorant to believe that. He is insulting her (and her beliefs), and he does the same to Carth, once Carth admits to finding war horrible.

Originally Posted by Allronix
but the others didn't earn that kind of rudeness.
Have you seen Carth's banter with Jolee? Here are the opening lines:

Carth: So, Jolee, you decided to leave your little hermitage in the forest and come help us stop the Sith. I guess you realized this was worth coming out of retirement for, huh?
Jolee: Yeah, that's right, sonny. The Sith are the greatest evil to hit the galaxy since, well, the Mandalorians. And they're the worst thing since Exar Kun. Blah, blah, blah, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
Carth: Okay, old man, you lost me there. Are you trying to make a point?
Compare with the opening lines from Bastila's banter with Jolee:

Bastila: Jolee, may I have a moment? There is something I wish to speak to you about.
Jolee: Yep, I figured it was only a matter of time until we had the whole "come back to the Order" discussion. Well, I guess there's no avoiding it now, so let's get it over with.
Bastila: I know you have... issues... with the Order. But you are a Jedi, Jolee. You command the Force. Without the guidance of the Council how can you avoid falling to the dark side?
Carth wins hands down in the rudeness department. He is only marginally less rude in his banters with Bastila.

Canderous is rude/insulting to everyone, except Revan.

Jolee is patronizing and rude toward Revan, and to a lesser extent Bastila and Carth.

Mission is a brat to anyone but Revan and Zaalbar.

Seriously, the others are far worse than Bastila, when it comes to being rude.
She treats them no worse than they treat each other or her, and she often is more polite and patient with them than they deserve.
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