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Originally Posted by Star Admiral View Post
To find the captain of the Lunar Shadow Crew, enter the bar and head for the door to your left. Once in that room, look in each of the corners of the room. One of them should have a Weequay captain who is the person you're looking for.

Strange though, everytime I play through Nar Shaddaa, I just have to finish the Refugee Quad and the Flophouse in the Docks to trigger the Goto meeting. Funny how it seems so much harder for you, especially since you beat the Champ.

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But, for the pilot license mission, i can complete the quest in a different way by speaking to the Lunar Shadow Crewmen in the flophouse on the Docks?

i think its better than look the captain in the Jekk-Jekk Tar because i complete one of the two quests from the Refugee.

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