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Thanks CQ

OK ... Now ... For this next one, I give a warning:
If you are a person with strict morals and strong beliefs and wish to not tred amongst the darkest side of life, I warn you to beware and slowly walk back and turn away from this screen (or just click back and whatever) and stay away from this poem.

If, however, you wish to stare into the depths of my mind and see how dark and twisted and broken a human mind can be, then by all means ... Read on!

Read it, and then ask me what it is about (if you don't already know) and I will gladly divulge what you wish to find out.
I would say enjoy, but this poem is not meant to be enjoyed in anyway. It is meant to be feared, and sad.
I do not mean to be cliche, but I say feared, because this is always a possibility in one's life that he/she must try to stay away from.

Here it is:

Injected Heaven

Here I am,
with needle in hand.
No more lies;
it's no surprise.

Trying to keep the demon's out,
before they start to shout,
again, I pierce a vein,
help me please, keep me from going insane.

You can't save me (why can't I save myself?)
Don't disdain me (I can't live without your hell)

It's time to say,
what you already knew,
it's come to that day,
where you and me are through.

I have to say this,
before I die,
even if I can't escape it,
I might as well try.

I need you, I want you,
I love you, but I despise you too.

You are my drug induced bane,
my outlet of my insanity.
Without your touch, it's never the same,
when I look in the mirror, all I see,
is your vanity.

I try to hide,
from the demons outside.
But they still peer in,
seeing me; that I'm still alive.

They don't like it,
they scream at me,
to get back in that bathroom,
where I'm meant to be.

Every time I see the sky,
you pull me back down,
I scream out, "why?"
but you just sneer at me whilst I drown.

Are you the Devil?
Is this my hell?
Am I dead?
I cannot tell.

I sit in the dark corner,
and rock myself to sleep.
I say everything's fine,
try not to cry,
but a split second later, I begin to weep.

I need you, I want you,
I love you, but I despise you too.

All my thoughts and fears,
I write in this book.
I keep my mind away from your ears,
but you always manage to get a look.

You taunt me with whispers,
Of all these false dreams.
I laugh and snicker,
whilst my mind is tearing at the seams.

I'd cut up another line,
but I'd rather die,
Grab that needle, and
jam it in my eye.
Anywhere but there.

Forgive me if I fail,
God knows that I tried,
I'd love it if I just died,
but that'd be too easy,
I'd just end up in here,
getting ready to cry.

You torture me,
by slowly killing me.
You tear and rip at me,
but keep me alive so I can see.

That nothing will ever come my way,
it's repeating itself over and over again.
My blood goes drip, drip, drip down the kitchen sink.
As my eyes start to blur,
I can't even being to think.

I finally die, yes I float away.
I can't believe it ended this way.
But then I stop and open my eyes,
it was all just a dream, another one,
of your many lies.

Sing softly to my broken heart,
for voices scare it and give it nightmares.

Here I am,
with needle in hand,
no more lies,
it's no surprise.

I need you, I want you,
I love you, but I despise you too.

================================================== ==================================

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