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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
What I actually said (initially) was:

I thought I was actually complimenting or at least defending the republican party by pointing out that it is actually diverse and maturing past its stereotyped role of the past and developing into a more eclectic and progressive party. The core values of the republican party are beginning to shift, though there does seem to be an effort by some to continue to appeal to their alleged "base," which are conservative but fundamental christians who are demonstrably the more ignorant and undereducated of our society.
Whoops... actually I owe you an appology. You did say alleged "base" and I missed that part. Since the GOP has really become more and more diverse as of late, and our appeal has moved on more or less from strictly the evangelicals to the average joe. We are moving more centrist in most areas, and headed more toward an inclusive party. My bad.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
Republicans are fast catching up in education.
Woah hold up there. We actually exceed when you don't start to rework the statistics with "corrections for X." That's how statistics get manipulated to show whatever you want them to. Then again I don't pin a person's value based on their education level. And if you're ever stranded on the highway, I doubt you'll ask that tow truck driver if he has an Ivy league education before you'll let him help you out.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
The data I posted for tommy was intended to show that there are some general feelings among non-republicans (and even some moderate republicans) that the things he was claiming not to exist actually does appear to exist.
That goes to the perception thing. Perception is not always the truth. In my perception the "Liberals" are pot smokin hippies. It don't make it true. I am not claiming that they don't exist. Just that the extent to which they exist is exaggerated so as to be easily attacked.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
Rather than take each point of data and refute it logically, he chose to simply cast all the data aside as if they are magically refuted by his mere disagreement or an accusation of "bias." This type of fallacious reasoning is also a generalization that can be cast toward the republican party and, it is hoped, will become extinct among them as educations improve.
I certainly wouldn't trust data gathered and collected by Rush Limbaugh to be accurate about the Democrats. If you provided a source from a neutral source. IE one that doesn't have ties to an organization that specifically slams the Republicans(as is the case of "Facing South") yet never slams the Democrats. Or Dr. Massengill who's works have all been significantly against religion(at least the ones I have read). Just because she has a PHD doesn't absolve her from being biassed against religion. Ok though... I counter with Spirituality in Higher Education which shows a positive influence of spirituality.

Oh and refuting with a simple cast of "bias" is not limited to Republicans and conservatives. If you want I'm sure garfield can point to some significant posts that have had that used against his arguments.

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