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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
Stankov and Nyborg appear to be about as neutral as they can get. I still don't see any issue with Massengill's data. I see you disagreement and objection to her "agenda" and "bias," but there's no quantification of this bias and "agenda" and why they might affect her data. If her methods have deficiencies, then you've cause to doubt her research. Otherwise, we simply must accept that all researchers have an agenda (they call these research questions) and biases (they filter these through rigorous methodology and peer review).
The intelligence thing I brought up was subject to peer review as well. Never take any study involving race or religion at face value.

Btw, an Ivy league education doesn't mean one is intelligent, it just means they studied in a particular field. There are other colleges out there.

I just found something else that makes you wonder what these Professors were taught:

Supposedly because they didn't vote for Obama they are slavery loving racists? Excuse me, this is a College Professor shouldn't he have learned that there are other reasons one wouldn't have voted for Obama.
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