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Originally Posted by Scar Da Kookee View Post
post mainly to Redy-boy

Roleplayer nomination to basically the entire lot of the guys of 'The Cantina' series and it's spinoffs (Postlude to holocaust series)

less I'm missing anyone:

Redwing (whom already has this badge)
Cmdr. Cracken
and myself included.
I second the nominations in case it's necessary later, for the same reason (can give individual links to each of the threads if necessary, but it shouldn't be.) Especially Deac, who is basically responsible for the whole shebang in the first place.

Scar meant to nominate superthrawn, but can't spell. He/she isn't active anyway at the moment.

Despite his inability to proofread his posts (), I nominate Scar da Kookee for the Roleplaying badge for massive contributions of words and time to the roleplaying forums, specifically the threads mentioned (and others).

Thank you, Jae - you're a queen. (Or a prince, if you're male - please don't be offended either way. )

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