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Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
Then your argument, in addition to being fallacious, has no place in this thread, unless you'd care to narrow it down a bit and give reasons as to why SkinWalker's sources can't be trusted besides this poisoning the well fallacy.
No, it has a place in the thread, just cause it shows there is a systematic problem in academia which shows those sources can't be trusted, and common sense indicates those studies are propaganda pieces, doesn't mean it doesn't belong in the thread, quite the opposite it does belong in this thread.

Seriously, teachers bashing a student for wearing a McCain T-Shirt, and we have worse examples on the college level, and that isn't a cause of concern.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
It's not the teachers, it's the parents. Get it right.
That part is the reporter's analysis, that doesn't mean that would actually happen. And this situation isn't an isolated incident if you look at my other sources that I provided. There were some instances of outright indoctrination similar to the Hitler Youth Movement stuff or at least the videos looked similar enough, I'll try to dig up that stuff if you'd like.
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