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Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
Dredging up crap about other professors doesn't serve to refute anything said in this thread. It doesn't even serve to prove your point, since you haven't been able to show evidence that this problem is widespread, chronic, or exclusive to liberal teachers or professors.
  • Who the heck taught the teachers? -- Professors
  • Who works at Universities? -- Professors
  • Who did the study? -- Professors


And another coauthor of a particular work was also found to improperly gather data to skew results.
It was also found that the “data point” that Lynn and Vanhanen used for the lowest IQ estimate, Equatorial Guinea, was actually the mean IQ of a group of Spanish children in a home for the developmentally disabled in Spain.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
You used the article to assert the fact that teachers teach their students intolerance. I have shown you that it they in fact do not teach their students intolerance; it comes from their parents.
And I stand by that statement, parents aren't the only ones that serve as role models to children, teachers do too.
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